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1. What is the investment for the contract development and monthly inspection service? 

PSA Horticultural fees are based on the complexity of your new specifications, the size of the property and how long it will take to perform a full landscape inspection and provide the Client with a comprehensive report.

2. How can we afford to hire PSA Horticultural when we are not budgeted for such an expenditure?

We have a contract development and inspection plan that will ensure that you save at least 5% over your current landscape maintenance agreement. Our fees are included in the savings and you will also have a full replacement warranty in effect!
3. We have some landscape issues we would like to discuss with an expert. Will PSA Horticultural provide us with hourly consulting?  

Yes, we can provide any Client with consulting services to discuss specific horticultural matters.
4. Does PSA Horticultural provide landscape contracting services? 

No, PSA Horticultural only provides high quality contract development, landscape inspections and consulting services for our Clients. We work with a select group of well-qualified contractors who are willing to work under our stringent specifications and guidelines. We will also work with a contractor of your choice as long as they are willing to work under the same specifications.